How To Make Chicken Noodle Soup In A Crock Pot- 2 Easy Methods

If you own a crock pot, you are better off if you learn how to make chicken noodle soup in a crock pot. Chicken noodle soup is a classic for chilly days and it’s quite easy to prepare. This meal is made easier by preparing it in a crock pot.

You may wonder why bother with learning how to make chicken noodle soup in a crock pot when you can buy a can of soup in the grocery store. Here’s why…

With the homemade soup, you can tweak a recipe to suit your taste and mood at different times. But not so with store-bought soup. Trust me, when you try a homemade chicken noodle soup, you’ll never go back to store-bought.

There are so many recipes for chicken noodle soup but rest assured that the basics of preparation and cooking is the same.

You can either dump all the ingredients in one pot (the crock pot ) or you use the, method where you boil the noodles in a different pot from the soup and then mix everything at the end.

how to make chicken noodles soup in a crock pot

Method 1 (One pot cooking)

  • Place your chicken and all the veggies, spices and seasonings in a crock pot.

  • Pour the chicken stock over the ingredients (reserve one cup for later).

  • Cover the pot and set to cook for 4 -6 hours on low or 2-3 hours on high. The time would vary depending on the model of your crock pot /slow cooker. However, ensure that your chicken has reached an internal temperature of 165°F. To check for doneness of your chicken, always check the thickest part of the chicken.

  • Remove the chicken from the crock pot to a mixing bowl. It is also at this point that you remove herbs like rosemary springs, bay leaves or any of such spices.

  • Shred the chicken and set aside.

  • Add the noodles to the soup and cook for 10 minutes on low.

  • Add the shredded chicken and the one cup of chicken stock that you set aside. You can add more than the one cup because the noodles would have absorbed some liquid as it cooked. 
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Method 2 (Boiling the Noodles separately)

Some folks argue that cooking the noodles separately produces perfect noodles.  If you choose to go this route, then follow steps 1 to 5 above then as the soup is getting to the end of its cook time, follow the next steps

  • Get a separate pot and cook the noodles according to the direction on the package.

  • When the soup is done cooking, drain the noodles and add to the soup.

  • Add the shredded chicken and stir to mix everything well. Then cover the pot and leave to cook for 5 minutes on low.
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Sample Recipe

Here’s a sample recipe to help you get a better idea of what we have talked about. We would also add a video for more clarity and inspiration.

Ingredients Needed

2 large size boneless skinless chicken breasts

4 medium size carrots chopped

1 medium onions (whole)

Garlic to taste

3 stalks celery chopped

A bundle of fresh rosemary

2 bay leaves

A box of chicken broth

Salt and pepper to taste

1 packet of noodles

Fresh parsley chopped

Remember, that this is just a sample recipe. You can tweak to suit your taste.

And while we are at it, why don’t you check out this article on how to clean a crock pot? The information and tips we shared there would come in handy some day

Expert Tips

Here are some tips on how to enhance your chicken noodle soup always

Notes on Ingredients

  • No matter how you tweak your recipe, do not omit carrots and or celery. These help to add great flavors and color to your soup and the soup wouldn’t be “perfect” without these two.

  • You can use either chicken stock or chicken broth just be sure that whichever one you use states that it is reduced sodium. This would help you control the quantity of salt in your soup.

  • If you have an aversion to onions, you can just peel the onions that the recipe calls for and throw it in whole.  Then you can remove it after the soup is done.  One other thing you can do is sautéing the onions after you have diced it.

  • If you want a chicken noodle soup that is bursting with extra flavor, throw in a bundle of fresh rosemary to the soup.  You can also use fresh thyme instead of rosemary.

What Is The Best Type of Chicken To Use

The most commonly used chicken is boneless chicken breasts. However, you can use any part of chicken that you prefer as long as you can take the pain to debone and shred. Some people even like to use rotisserie chicken.

It is best to use raw or defrosted chicken for your soup. If you put frozen chicken straight into your crock pot, it would take extra time to get to the right temperature and this may endanger the food safety of the meat.

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Storing and Reheating Chicken Noodle Soup

  • You can store your soup in an airtight container in the fridge for 3 days. But ensure that the soup is completely cool before storing.  It can also be stored in the freezer for up to 3 months.

  • When you want to thaw out the frozen soup, move it first to the fridge and leave it to stay there overnight before you reheat it.

  • To reheat the soup, pour it into a saucepan and place on medium low heat until it is hot. You can also use a microwave.


Chicken noodle soup is a hearty meal that’s not only great for the flu or common cold but it’s also a great comfort food.  More so, it’s rich in nutrients as long as you use fresh products and healthy ingredients.

So it is something worth having on a regular basis.  If however, you do not like to cook always, you can make a large batch and freeze.

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